Tungsten Rings for Women Rises in Popularity

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The use of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum has been the dominant and common metals used in production of wedding bands, especially for men. However, the use of alternative metals such as tungsten, titanium and even ceramic, which is not a metal, have become more and more popular for use in men’s wedding bands. The use of these metals not only provides a stylish, youthful appearance for the men who wear them, but also, these metals do not come with the hefty price tag associated with gold, silver or platinum.

Round Tough 4mm Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

Of the alternative metals used to make wedding bands these days, Titanium was the first to break through the traditional mold of gold, platinum and silver. Now, Titanium is used in an array of jewelry for both men and women. While Titanium is still prevalent, the last few years has seen the rise of a different alternative metal, Tungsten. Tungsten carbide is an extremely hard alternative metal that not only is extremely durable, but is also very fashionable. Tungsten carbide has come to dominate the men’s wedding ring market.

Tungsten wedding bands come in countless styles to satisfy tastes of all types. Tungsten carbide has become so popular, that women are jumping on the fashion trends. Lately, more and more women have been joining their spouse in choice of ring metals and choosing Tungsten for their wedding band.

However, many retailers have been somewhat slow and even reluctant to offer women’s tungsten rings. Mostly, because jewelers prefer that women buy more expensive metals to keep their revenues at their highest. Despite the reluctance of these jewelers, there is a high demand for tungsten rings for women. This demand is due mainly to the fact that tungsten is an affordable, low maintenance and modern alternative. Aside from those factors, tungsten still compares to other, more traditional metals in its exquisite looks.

Extra care needs to placed on a woman’s ring, because female hands tend to be more delicate and require thinner rings. A woman’s ring is not simply a narrower version of a man’s ring, but is an intricate piece of jewelry that requires special attention from manufacturers.

Women’s tungsten rings are designed in 2 basic styles, ultra narrow and extra wide. Narrow tungsten rings for women tend to be 4mm in width at smaller sizes. Extra wide tungsten rings tend to be 10mm – 12mm wide. When choosing a women’s tungsten band, make sure you choose the width she prefers.

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