How to find the Perfect Wedding Bands

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So, you’ve made it this far. Made a big, not to mention excellent, decision to get a tungsten ring. The pressure is by no means gone, however. Choosing your tungsten wedding band is a huge decision – one that you should not rush into. After all, you are planning to be married “till death do you part”. You want to choose a wedding band that is not only comfortable on your finger, but that will also catch the eye. In addition, you want a wedding band that will not only withstand your daily activities, from washing dishes, gym workouts and walking the dog, to your weekend excursions of hiking to the beach. To put it simply, you want a wedding band that is compatible with your life, day in and day out.

Flat Best 4mm Tungsten Jewelry Wedding Band

Another factor you must consider when deciding on your tungsten wedding band will be the “finish” of the ring. All tungsten wedding bands will have extra toughness and durability that tungsten has been becoming increasingly famous for. While different “finishing processes” are used to give the tungsten carbide ring its polish and design, the finish process will not affect the rings toughness and durability. When deciding on your tungsten carbide ring, do not pass up on the finish you like the most for fear that it may be less durable.

Lastly, do not forget to factor in the sheer aesthetic quality of the ring. Be certain to choose a design that you feel comfortable wearing every day. A simple way to begin the aesthetic aspect of the ring choice, is by coordinating with your fiancée’s engagement and wedding band.

On a side note, you may want to consider purchasing two wedding rings, one wedding ring for everyday wear and one wedding ring for formal occasions. Often, couples like to purchase a tungsten wedding ring with a precious metal inlay such as platinum. Platinum is softer than tungsten and may scratch over time or daily activities so often couples purchase one solid style tungsten ring for everyday wear and a tungsten ring with precious metal inlay for formal wear. No matter which bands you choose, a tungsten band is always the right choice.

Once you have found your desired look and finish, rest assured that your tungsten wedding ring will withstand the test of time and keep its lustrous look for the life of the ring, with very little maintenance.

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