Matching Engagement Rings with Your Wedding Band

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When the engagement first happens, when the potential groom finally musters up the courage to ask the love of his life to be his forever, caution is thrown to the wind and the potential groom chooses a ring that is not only expensive, but impressive. It is the potential grooms perfect effort to secure his blushing bride. As if the planning of the wedding festivities themselves were not enough, there comes the issue of the wedding bands to add an extra dilemma: does the couple buy matching sets or should the couple choose another pricey ring for the bride and an inexpensive one for the groom.

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This dilemma can be a tough situation for most couples. Many guys simply do not care what they are wearing as a wedding band. Something simple and durable is all that is truly required. While simplicity is key for these grooms, these grooms opt for a flashy marriage band for their future bride because her ring is something that she’ll wear and subtly and strategically make known to those in her purview. Other guys, however, choose the practical route for themselves and their bride-to-be: A nice band that will endure daily activities and still be fashionable. Then there are the other types of guys; the ones who want to match the flashiness of their bride’s ring. Their ring, too, is intended to catch the eye and illustrate to the world the marital status.

When it comes to this dilemma, women are a bit more sentimental. Some women wish to exhibit the unity associated with marriage, and therefore desire to purchase a matching ring set. Others prefer simple, yet elegant rings and will continue to wear their engagement ring with their marriage band. Others prefer, and may even demand, a wedding ring equipped with either half or full eternity diamonds. Many other ladies choose a simple band, because of their work environment or because they do not use jewelry as part of their usual style.

No matter the type of person you or your future spouse may be, the important part is that you come to a decision as to wedding bands together. When reaching this decision it is highly recommended that you browse through jewelry catalogs or, as is very common nowadays, browse through jewelry websites together. Find the styles that impress the both of you. Take note of not only what each other wants in a ring, but also factor in the lasting effects of those rings. One of you may want flashy and the other may want something a bit simpler; the important thing is to search for compromise.

It is important to take into account your budget. Traditionally, the groom is supposed to purchase the bride’s ring and vice versa. But, if it cannot work out that way, it’s important to search for a set that won’t break your overall budget. A simple way to stay within budget is to purchase the bride’s ring with a precious metal and the groom’s ring with an inexpensive metal that matches the bride’s in color. For example, you can “match” a white gold band for the bride with tungsten wedding bands for the groom. Both will look the same, but are different metals.

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