Selecting Proper Formal Wear and Semi Formal wear

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Wedding time is just around the corner and your many attempts at convincing your fiancé to go with flip flops and board shorts as crucial parts of the wedding attire have not gone as well as planned. Formal it is. Now, I know what you’re thinking, you want less of stiff looking penguin and more of debonair James Bond as your choice. Well, you don’t have to be a dashing secret agent to look good for your wedding. You just need to know the basics and know how to properly dress for the part.


If your wedding is going to be a very formal or “white tie” affair, there are a few essentials:
1. Black tailcoat
2. Matching striped trousers
3. White wing-collared shirt
4. Waistcoat
5. Patent leather shoes
6. Studs – Yes, you will look like a stud, but jokes aside, shirt studs are generally very decorative and are used in lieu of buttons on a formal shirt. A popular study type is a mother of pearl inlay or stylish jewel inlay.
7. Cufflinks – a fastener worn by men to connect the two sides of the shirt cuff on a dress shirt. These can be easily chosen to match your wedding theme colors and also can make excellent gifts for the wedding party.
8. Gloves – if so desired.

If your wedding is going to be a formal evening get together, the attire will be formal or “black tie”. Here are a few of those essentials.

1. Black dinner jacket – this is usually just known as the tuxedo coat.
2. Tuxedo trousers – formal tuxedo pants that have satin stripes down the outside seam.
3. Waistcoat – cannot go wrong with either white or black
4. Turndown/laydown tuxedo shirt
5. Bow tie – again, cannot go wrong with black or white
6. Cufflinks
7. Cummerbund or vest – these can be used in lieu of the waistcoat. In addition, these can match whatever color schemes you are working with for the wedding.

Bear in mind, you must select the proper style of tungsten wedding bands to match the attire. While all these tips can get you the basic understandings, it is of utmost importance that you consult your better half. She will guide you in the right direction. It is better to ask and be sure than to not quite get what she had in mind and have her be annoyed!

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