Wedding Flowers – How to Decorate Perfectly for the Big Day

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You’ve taken care of almost everything imaginable for your big day, from finding the right location for the reception to carefully selecting your wedding rings, but there is still more: namely, flowers! Aside from the bride, of course, flowers can be the most beautiful part of your wedding – and one of the more expensive parts of the wedding. When deciding on your flowers, you want to do your due diligence and decide well in advance of how you want your arrangements. Question is, how do you go about finding the right arrangement and types of flowers for your wedding: here are a few helpful hints to consider in formulating the perfect scenery to compliment your beautiful bride.

Wedding Flowers

First, you need to establish, with your fiancé/spouse-to-be your floral budget, and the style you want. It is important to be on the same page and, above all, to be realistic about what your budget can handle.

Second, consider your venue. Perhaps the venue you selected already includes floral arrangements as part of their package. If they do, you can ask for portfolios of recent weddings so you can get an idea of what they provide. If you do not like their arrangements, you can always ask if you can retain your own florist for the occasion and what charge, if any, there will be to do this. Most places are pretty flexible and do not charge a fee, while some smaller venues may charge you. Another important factor to consider in your venue is if the venue itself is beautiful to not need any or much additions. For example, if you do a sea view or beach wedding, you may not need flowers to make the day visually appealing.

Third, do your research! If you plan on hiring a florist, do your part and come in prepared. It’s easy to rely on the judgment of the florist, but you, in theory want to come into the situation having some idea as to what you want. Check out wedding magazines and get an idea of what you both like. If you have are more knowledgeable as to your desires, you’ll have an easier time. You have enough on your plate during this time; a little less stress could not possibly hurt! This knowledge can give you a better idea of what colors and flowers you both are partial to before you have any consultations.

Finally, look into seasonal flowers. Ask your florist what types of flowers are in season during your proposed dates. You can get a good idea as to costs by understanding if certain things need to be shipped in or are readily available at the time of year of your wedding.

Your big day can only be made better by the surrounding beauty and the right tungsten wedding bands. The tips provided are intended to give you an idea on how to provide as beautiful scenery as possible to compliment your venue and budget. Keep them in mind when researching and planning and this could be an incredible help.

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