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While much has been often said about the strength and durability of tungsten carbide rings, they are not indestructible. It is true; tungsten is one of the hardest substances that can be found on earth. The hardness and durability of tungsten carbide is surpassed only by diamonds. The hardness and strength of tungsten makes it extremely hard to scratch, which helps preserve its wonderful and appealing look. Tungsten carbide’s scratch resistant qualities, however, do not make tungsten indestructible. Even diamonds can be destroyed.

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Unfortunately, while tungsten is extremely hard and highly durable, it can also be very brittle and can break when enough force is applied to it. For that reason, it is very important that when purchasing your tungsten carbide ring you choose an online retailer that has an excellent lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranties can insure that in a rare unfortunate incident that could destroy or damage your tungsten ring, you will not be left without a ring.

If your ring goes south, it is good to know that you need not necessarily worry about getting a replacement. There are several western deposits of tungsten; many are located all over North America. There has been such high demand for tungsten wedding bands recently; prices for tungsten have been rising in the market place. However, in order to combat the rising prices of tungsten, old mines are being re-opened. In addition to tungsten mines, there are other sources for tungsten carbide. Tungsten can actually be recycled and re-used.

About thirty percent of the world’s supply of tungsten comes from recycling scrap metal. These scraps and waste metals that can be thrown away can be processed into pure metal and used again to create a multitude of tungsten products including jewelry. Tungsten does not create any major pollutants on its own, but the other metals used in tungsten based metals can. Nonetheless, this recycling process is a much cheaper process than safely discarding pollutants. In addition, it is another method that can be used to combat potential price hikes.

While your tungsten ring as you know it may not always be the way it is, you will easily be able to secure a replacement with your lifetime warranty, which is why it is important to purchase your ring from a reputable retailer that can help you. Your old ring can be recycled and become a whole new ring down the road.

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