How Tungsten is used in Heating Devices

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Currently, Tungsten has become a popular metal choice in use in many different types of jewelry. Tungsten carbide has an advantage over gold and silver, which is that it does not scratch very easily. Tungsten is one of the hardest substances on earth, which makes it a metal that could be used for various things. Aside from rings, the tungsten metal is used for many other products used in our lives.

Electrical Furnace

For example, tungsten filaments are used as heating elements for electrical furnaces. Tungsten has a very high melting point (6,152 degrees Fahrenheit), which means that it can withstand high heat for long periods of time. Because of this heat resistance, tungsten is ideal for use in a furnace. For that reason, tungsten is often also used as heat shielding in furnaces to protect more fragile parts from being damaged.

In addition to use in furnaces, tungsten metal is also used in electronics for the same characteristics as it is used in other products. Very thin tungsten filaments are used for electron emitters. In fact, tungsten is the metal that is used almost exclusively for that purpose. The tungsten filaments in these products and devices form terminals called cathodes. These electron emitters are used in in such thing as microwaves, X-ray tubes, and the cathode ray tubes found in computer monitors and television sets. Cathodes are negatively charged electrodes.

The way cathodes work is that as electric currents pass through the cathode, the tungsten filament begins to heat up. When the tungsten heats up and emits electrons. The electrons that are emitted create the images we see on our television or computer monitors. In addition, the heated electrons help generate the microwaves that so easily and conveniently heat up food in microwave ovens.

Life without your tungsten rings would be manageable. True, you could easily get a gold or silver ring. However, you would miss out on the benefits of tungsten’s characteristics that make it a very popular choice in wedding bands and other jewelry. While we could do without the tungsten based jewelry, it would be extremely difficult to imagine life without a microwave oven, television, or a computer screen. These products have become a part of our normal lives and we have grown extremely accustomed to use them. If it were not for the development of tungsten as a metal to use as a durable filament, our lives would be drastically different.

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