Hints for having a memorable theme wedding AND save Money

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Falling in love is as easy as riding a roller coaster and probably just as exciting. Planning a theme wedding has as many ups and down but the end result will leave a smile on your face and a heart full of great memories. Once you have a budget in mind the next question would be “How to plan a theme wedding and not break the bank?”. It is a tricky proposition but with a few helpful hints from wedding decor planners, you can do it!

Sandy Beach Wedding

First and foremost, pick your theme. Thanks to the availability of social media, clever ideas abound. The trick is finding one that speaks to both you and your partner. It could be as detailed as a Game of Thrones extravaganza to a casual beach surf and sand wedding. It’s your day and it should as personal and unique as you are. Now that you have your theme in mind, your personal mantra throughout the wedding planning process will be “It’s all about the photos”. After all is said and done, these are what are going to help you re-create that happy day in your mind.

Second, know your approximate guest number as this will help you with the third point – pick your venue. By making venue selection last, you can save a lot of money when it comes to decorating and here’s how. Let’s say you wanted a rustic country theme wedding complete with mason jar flower vases and candle holders. To pick a venue that doesn’t add to that theme means you will be spending more in transforming your space to fit your wedding motif. If your colors are peach, pink and white and your venue has burgundy rugs, yellow chairs and striped wallpaper, it is working against your vision and your photos will be a reminder of this juxtaposition.

Your two choices for venues should be “blank slate” and “theme perfect”. The first has nothing working against your theme and anything you introduce as decoration will be the focal point. The second IS your theme: Rustic barn, old castle, white sand beach. Very little has to be done to get your vision across. Just be mindful the space is adequate for hosting an event, especially one that is perfect for the number of guests. Recently a couple picked a beach surf and sand wedding in a beautiful Santa Barbara hotel. The site was perfect and could host 750 and up easily but it was too big for their small number of 150. So a lot more money had to be spent to create an intimate setting that felt perfect.

Dare to be imaginative and think outside of the box. It is a day of close friends and family all helping you say ‘I LOVE YOU!’. In part two more tips on saving money on theme weddings! Stay tuned!

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