Money Saving Advice for Your Wedding from Floral Designers

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In our previous article, Hints for having a memorable theme wedding AND save Money, we have picked the theme, calculated an approximate number for the guest list and have chosen the venue: either “blank slate” or “theme perfect”. Our mantra is “It’s all about the photos”. What more can one do? Well, read on!

Red Center Piece

While the social media boards do offer lots of DIY ideas for weddings, a good source for creative inspiration can come from a helpful floral designer. A floral designer has a good eye for color and a good knowledge for flower varieties. They are usually imaginative people who can expand on your vision or offer a new direction and fresh new take on something already out there. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas and ask for a few from them. Floral designers have seen their share of what works and what “WOWS! ”

The greatest asset of a good floral designer is their knowledge of what flowers are in season on your wedding date. While flowers can be shipped from all over the world, choosing seasonal flowers can dramatically keep the cost for your wedding down. For example, Hydrangea is a very popular flower choice for soon-to-be-brides. If that is a must-have flower in your theme, then pick a time when they are readily available. Even in season, these are pricey and can be difficult to work with, but the added impact is amazing. A good floral designer can be a great source of options for seasonal flowers that enhance your theme.

It is never too early to contact a floral designer. Their work is what your guest will be enjoying the moment they enter the wedding space. After you have chosen your venue, the flowers are that design element that elevates the space and can greatly complement your unique theme. There are a few florists who will do a mock up table arrangement so you get to see firsthand what flowers will be used and how the overall presentation will look. These can be done with real flowers and while the exact flower you request may not be included in the mock up, a similar flower can be used or even a silk flower will give you a sense of the finished piece. This is great for fine tuning any decisions or seeing how they will look with the table cloth or china pattern selected. Centerpieces should enhance the festivities and not take away from the conversation so either makes them low enough so you can speak to the person across from you or high enough to have drama while maintaining good site lines with the other people at the table.

And for that perfect photo op, remember to ask your photographer to take a few close up pics of the arrangements before the guest arrive and “ooh” and “ahh” over them. Many times the bride and groom get so caught up in the schedule of the day that they never get to enjoy the little details they have worked so hard in getting just right! A very nice gesture would be near the end of the event to gather up the flowers, wrap them in small bundles in beautiful brown sheets of butcher paper with a twine or a lovely ribbon, and give them to guests as they leave. They are very grateful to have a fragrant remembrance of the day and the flowers get used versus thrown away. If you are thinking of doing this, delegate the responsibility to a few people and have paper cut, twine/ribbon ready and a station near the main exit to give away or leave for guest’s to take home. Vases can be returned or reused or sold later…and you get to save some money!

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