How to find the Theme Perfect Venue

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When it comes to theme weddings, non-traditional venues can be that focal point you were looking for to make your wedding unique and memorable. A castle, a barn, a circus tent, the beach, a Victorian house, a beautiful garden: all have a charm that will add to that special day. Here are a few more thoughts to keep in mind to keep the cost down!

Wedding Venue

Think about your event as an all day photo shoot. Take your camera with you when checking out venues and snap away. When you look at the images more closely, be aware of all the details that will appear in your photos: the striped wallpaper, the patterned rug, the exit signs or fire extinguishers, telephone poles/wires, etc. Most of these cannot be removed, however; you may work around these items. You have to be cognizant of all that to insure your photos are picture perfect!

Ask yourself if your venue can serve double duty. Can you have the wedding and the reception here? This could be a huge money saver. Minimal travel time for your guests, floral designs can be utilized twice, no transportation issues etc. If your “theme perfect” venue has a beautiful area that could be repurposed as an intimate setting for an exchanging of vows, then think about utilizing it. Re-arrange the chairs, use a few of the centerpieces, some rented props or add an arch or backdrop and voila, the “theme perfect” wedding space. Putting chairs back and carefully putting centerpieces back should not be a problem while guests are enjoying pre-dinner cocktails.

Finally, a last tip when choosing your “theme perfect” venue that applies to weddings with invited children. Kids are great to give the ambiance a true feeling of family but their attention span may be taxed. Sitting for many hours in uncomfortable ‘nice’ clothes is not as easy for them to do as it is for adults. Does your venue have a lawn or a room that could be set aside to entertain fidgety children? One or two babysitters can help keep an eye on children of family and friends who came to celebrate with you. Keeping this in mind will help keep the celebration focused on the bride and groom and not the children playing tag around the dessert table! And this helps the event be a memorable success.

Hopefully with these tips your theme wedding will become a memorable reality and a perfect photo to enjoy many years after the celebration itself. Be unique, save some money and make that special day all you imagined it would be!

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