Grooming the Groom: Choosing the Correct Attire

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Conventional wisdom has always put forth that the wedding day is all about the bride. She has been dreaming about this day for a long time, imagining all the details from shoes to veil, vows to venue, and everything in between. The groom is usually in charge of proposing, getting the ring, renting the tux and showing up. Suffice it to say that there was a lot more work for the bride who had to do it all and still look incredible on that day! But as perception changes, the grooms of the world are sharing in the planning of the big day and want to look their very best when saying “I do” in front of friends, family and the one they love. Here are a few things to consider to look and feel your best on your wedding day.

Grooms Suit

Now that you have proposed and set the date the next thing is to hit the gym! You have a window of 6 months to a year to tone up and look your best. You may or may not know your way around a gym but even a simple hour walk on the treadmill or riding the stationary bike three times a week will help shape you up. It may even be a couples date night replacing an expensive meal of calorie laden appetizers and drinks. You can put that money toward the wedding and honeymoon. This is not to say the expectation is to transform from Clark Kent to a guy who looks good in a lycra superhero costume. She has already said yes to you! Just be the best version of you for her! Start with small steps and keep at it. Also remember the mantra “It is all about the photos”. Years from now you are going to revisit this day and hopefully what you will see is two people very much in love and looking good! And you can brag about it to your kids when ask to see the wedding album.

Now you’re feeling good and looking good so step two is picking the suit/tux. A bride labors over the perfect dress so the groom should also make an effort to pick the perfect fitting suit/tux. Nothing transforms a man like a well tailored suit or tux, especially if that is something you don’t wear every day. But the emphasis is on “well tailored”.

No matter what your body type, the suit must fit you comfortably and stylishly. You can go formal, semi-formal, casual or modern. Your venue choice will dictate what look you are expected to wear. When you come across a wedding magazine, and there are sure to be one or two dozen lying around during this time, take a look at the men in the suits. Yes they are models but the cut and tailoring of the suit can make you look good as well! If you are not a fashionista, then take someone with you to the fitting that is. Ask the person fitting you for their honest opinion. It is their job to make you look great. Websites abound on how to pick a tux or suit that best fits your body type. If you go into a fitting with a sense of what details to be aware of, your chances of looking great grow exponentially! Here are a few particulars to keep in mind when choosing your ensemble.

When choosing your pant length, it should crease nicely around shoe and not look like a curtain has fallen on your foot. Jackets should hit your shoulders, give you a v-shape and cover your gluteus-maximus nicely. They should also be able to button comfortably and not pull too much. Open or closed the jacket should look smart. Lapel width is slim this year so avoid wide lapels. Suspenders keep the pants where they are supposed to be and can be used with most suits if needed. With all the moving on the dance floor, attention should be paid to keeping your pants from shimmying south while “busting a move”.

But here is where most grooms forget to follow through: the fitting of the vest. A wedding is an event that goes all day and into the night. You will naturally remove your jacket at some point so looking good in just your vest is paramount. Vests, or waistcoats, should cover the waist at the front and shirts should not balloon out on the sides or the back. Color and pattern should not be too jarring or obtrusive as to distract from the finished look of the formal/semi-formal suit. Interesting? Yes! Stylish? Definitely! Clashing? Not today! The focus should still be all about the bride and how happy you two look together!

So are you getting the importance of looking your best on that incredible day? This may be really new to some grooms to be but it should not be overwhelming. Part two will go into further details about clothing as well as other ways to look your best so stay tuned for a few more tips to make this event a photo finish you can be proud of!

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