Why it is Necessary to Pamper the Groom.

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Now you have hit the gym, are looking great, have picked the perfect fitting suit/tux that makes you looked polished and stylish – all you have to do is show up and smile right? Not so fast Romeo, let’s look at some very important details that will give the look a perfect photo finish.

Man at Spa

Hit the Spa! That is right, time to pamper yourself and de-stress before the big day or weekend. This can be done alone or with your bride to be or with your groomsman or your best man. A spa day is a perfect way to slow down, breathe and get ready physically and mentally to enjoy every minute of the hectic and exciting day. Schedule it in and stick to it. This is not something to allow other things to intrude upon like picking up relatives at the airport. In fact it is best to schedule this in a day or two before all the activities commence. You want a relaxed and debonair demeanor about you. James Bond always looks good in his tux and this spa day gives you a license to chill.

It’s time for a manicure and a pedicure. This is especially important if it will be a beach wedding or a beach honeymoon. Most men don’t do this and may feel a bit uncomfortable but the bottom line is this is the one day where all the little details should be as perfect as possible. Hands will be photographed quite a lot as you show off your tungsten rings so make sure yours look great. Ask the manicurist if they can recommend a finish to keep your nails looking good for the weekend, something subtle and not too shiny.

Schedule a good barber! More and more barbers are offering specials for final touches for you and your groomsman. Professional shaves or trims are a relaxing way to look good on your day. Don’t forget to get your eyebrows, ears and nose trimmed. Details a man usually doesn’t give much thought to should be thought of on that day! Again, schedule it in and if you are adding the groomsman, let them know in advance.

Speaking of barbers, it is time to get a great haircut. This should be done a week in advance to avoid that “just got my hair cut for the first day of school look”! Do your homework, ask around and find someone you feel comfortable with. Expect to spend $30 and up and make sure you express what you are looking for.

And the final touch for your outerwear, your underwear. That is right. Your tailored suit/tux lines and fitted shirt will be ruined by baggy boxers, collared t-shirts with sleeves, socks that don’t cover the calves…all these will show up in the photos! So whatever style underwear you prefer, choose a comfortable pair that will not show lines under your pants. Boxer briefs are best for this. Also a t-shirt will show through when you remove your jacket and tie so avoid this and opt for either an athletic low scoop sleeveless shirt or a proper undershirt (they have a lower scoop at the neck). Even V- neck t-shirts show up in the sleeves of the shirt. You would never see this at a runway show. Finally buy over the calf socks that breathe, are comfortable and stay up. Crossing your legs as you sit should not reveal a hairy calf. Costs of these vary depending of material but they do polish the look off nicely. Garters are an option if you want to really spice things up.

Hopefully these grooming tips will help you look and feel your best on that day. Don’t forget breath mints, mini toothbrush, and travel deodorant. Use your cologne sparingly and choose one she loves. A small kit with these things as well as hair product and comb/brush will keep you looking great from morning vows to evening celebration and all the photos in between!

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