The Best Tungsten Ring Styles

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Gun metal gray and white tungsten rings are incredibly strong and scratch resistant; this is making them a more popular choice for wedding bands and wedding jewelry. Tungsten carbide is not limited to simply wedding bands, however; tungsten carbide rings may also be worn as casual jewelry because they come in a wide variety of styles. Tungsten carbide’s natural color is described as gun metal gray, yet tungsten jewelry may be bonded with other materials to produce several colors from white to black. Tungsten rings are also available in a wide range of styles from the traditional round shape with a high polish to bevels with matte or satin textures. Styles are also available for both men and women. Tungsten jewelry may also have diamond or gemstones set into the ring or inlaid with precious metals such as platinum, gold, palladium or silver. Consider our list when choosing your tungsten band.

Tungsten Ring Styles:

Traditional Tungsten Bands: Traditional tungsten carbide bands are perfect for men as wedding rings and provide women a durable and scratch resistant piece of jewelry. Traditional tungsten carbide rings display the classic gun metal gray or white tungsten in simple styles. When shopping for a men’s or women’s band, choose traditional tungsten jewelry.

Oakland Domed Durable Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

Textured Tungsten Bands: Tungsten rings are also available in a wide variety of textures. The wedding ring may be engraved with a Celtic pattern for a stylish look or grooved for something unique. Tungsten bands may also have brushed finishes to allow them to be less reflective and possess a more subtle style.

Minneapolis Brushed Domed Durable Tungsten Wedding Ring

Colored Tungsten Bands: The natural color for tungsten carbide is gun metal gray. Fortunately, tungsten may be bonded with other materials to produce black or white tungsten. Black tungsten features a deep jet black color for a dark look. White tungsten bands feature the same color as platinum or white gold but are almost as scratch resistant as a regular tungsten ring.

Detroit Brushed Beveled Black Tungsten Ring with Polished Edges

Diamond and Gemstone Tungsten Bands: Tungsten jewelry may be set with precious gemstones such as diamonds, cubic zirconia, and others. Rings may be set as a single gemstone or diamond solitaire, while some rings may be set with multiple stones to run all the way around the band. The gemstones must be set into a precious metal bezel or inlay on the ring.

High Point Blue Diamond Solitaire Beveled Tungsten Wedding Band

Inlaid tungsten bands: Tungsten rings with inlays offer a wide range of different styles that may be customized. Wood, carbon fiber, precious metals and other materials may be used to accentuate tungsten bands for a unique style. Inlaid tungsten bands with a precious metal are also more affordable than most bands that are composed entirely in precious metals to provide those on a budget with a luxurious ring.

Independence Beveled Diamond Set 8mm Tungsten Wedding Ring with Gold inlay

Casual Tungsten Bands: Jewelry for both men and women is quite common for everyday wear. Tungsten bands with unique designs allow individuals the option of style everyday in a scratch resistant metal. Choose a tungsten band with grooves or textures in any width or size.

McKinney Laser Etched Celtic Knot Pattern Tungsten Wedding Ring

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