New Trends in Tungsten Rings

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Highly durable and scratch resistant jewelry is perfect for anyone’s wardrobe. A couple of tungsten wedding bands in the latest new styles will perfectly complete your collection of jewelry. Tungsten carbide is a dense and heavy weight metal, so it is ideal for men’s or women’s everyday casual wear. There are so many styles to choose from, so shopping is simple. When purchasing your tungsten card ring, consider these options.

Trendy Tungsten Bands

Tungsten with precious metal inlays: The color of tungsten carbide is described as gun metal gray. When you inlay a strip of yellow gold, palladium or platinum into the ring, it provides a distinguished look. The contrasts in color between the metals convey an image of higher class while the ring itself is highly affordable. For a greater look in sophistication and style, diamond stones can be set into the precious metal inlays. This will also provide eye catching sparkle.

Independence - Beveled Diamond Set 8mm Tungsten Wedding Ring with Gold inlay

Get noticed: If you are looking to draw attention and you do not want to invest in a diamond, try a diamond faceted tungsten carbide ring. These tungsten bands feature 288 diamond facets which reflect light and draw attention. Tungsten carbide rings with diamond facets simply look fabulous.

Saint Paul - Diamond Faceted Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

Be exotic: If you are looking for an exotic ring, try one of our tungsten rings with a wood inlay. Wood inlay rings feature the rich texture and exotic patterns of wood while merging it with the durable strength of tungsten carbide. A channel is dug into the center of the ring and a wood inlay is incased inside a crystal clear resin. From the light exotic pattern of Zebra wood to the rich color of Rose wood, there is a wood inlay ring that is perfect for you.

Lincoln - Tungsten Inlaid Rose Wood Wedding Band

Stay bright with white tungsten: Do you or does your fiancée have a white gold or platinum engagement ring? Would you like to have a wedding band that matches the same color as white gold or platinum while maintaining the same strength and durability as tungsten carbide? A white tungsten ring is the perfect choice. White tungsten rings feature the same color as platinum or white gold but they maintain the same strength and affordability as a regular tungsten band.

Yonkers Flat 4mm White Tungsten Ring

Black is always in: Black tungsten rings will always be popular. With the naturally neutral appearance of black, these wedding rings can pair up with any outfit. You can have these rings come in a polished or matte finish to either catch the eye or be subtle, respectively.

Boise - 12mm Dome Extra Wide Brush Black Tungsten Ring

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