10 Wedding Ring Shopping Tips

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There will be many options you will be faced with when you are shopping for your wedding ring. There are some couples who like to take their time examining all options to and narrow down the band that is right for them. To cut down on this time, here are 10 tips to consider to narrow your wedding rings down quickly.

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10 Tips to find your wedding ring fast:

1. Decide on your metal. There is a wide variety of metals available you may choose. Some popular choices are tungsten carbide, cobalt chrome, ceramic and titanium. If you are looking for a durable metal then tungsten or cobalt is the way to go. Couples looking for a light weight material should choose titanium or ceramic.

2. Choose your color. Traditional silver tone colors are the most popular today. Tungsten and titanium feature a darker silver color described as gun metal gray. There are brighter colors that match white gold or platinum available in cobalt chrome or white tungsten. To stand out, you may choose a black ring such as black ceramic or black tungsten.

3. Select your width. Men typically choose a wider band such as 6mm, 8mm or even 10mm where women choose the thinner bands close to 4mm and 6mm. What has grown in popularity are wide rings. To become noticeable, more women have been moving towards extra wide rings ranging from 10mm – 16mm.

4. Are you looking for a gemstone? You may choose a ring with a gemstone or with different textures or patterns. Some women like their wedding bands to contain diamonds just like their engagement ring. You may even choose a gemstone other than white such as yellow, blue or even black.

5. Select your ring’s shape. Rings with a comfort fit interior are popular today. The rounded interior provides a more luxurious feel for the wear. Traditional round top or flat rings are very popular. Beveled styles provide a bolder statement. Rings with grooves provide a unique sense of style.

6. Choose your ring’s finish. The texture of your band is quite important. The option of a polished finish provides a reflection to catch the eye and draw attention. A ring with a satin, matte or brush finish is more subtle and does not stand out as much as a polished finish.

7. Make your ring unique with grooves. Grooves provide your ring with a unique sense of style. You may have a single groove or multiple grooves to accent your ring and make it stand out.

8. Would you like matching wedding rings? Many couples want to coordinate their wedding ring styles. Other couples prefer wedding rings that are completely different from each other.

9. Express yourself. You should be comfortable with the band you choose. Feel free to choose the wedding ring that suits your interests. If you are looking for a distinguished and upscale ring, choose a ring with a precious metal inlay. If you are looking for a unique ring that catches the eye, try a multi-faceted polished band. Don’t feel obligated to choose a traditional style.

10. Set yourself free. There may not be one universal ring. You may want a ring to wear casually everyday and another ring to wear on formal occasions. If you don’t like the wedding ring you have after a few years, you can always exchange it for a different ring. Do not feel trapped with one ring.

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