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After much searching, you found each other! You are now looking for the perfect date, time, place and theme for your wedding. A theme that will be unique to you as a couple and memorable to friends and family. A big task for sure but here are a few steps to make this search less daunting.

First step to finding a theme that is truly you: discover who you truly are. Ask yourselves, “What traits best describes us as a couple?” What are your shared interests, your individual strengths, your combined personalities. Acknowledge how you see yourself and each other.

Golf Wedding Theme

Now all this introspection will help you with step two. If you had to choose a word that best describes your style, what would it be? Examples:


This word will be your new mantra. Keep this word in the forefront before delving into magazines, websites and blogs. Avoid becoming “Pinterest-ized” by all the beautiful and clever ideas you see. A loss of focus will create a confused “cherry picking” approach to the overall presentation: a little of this, some of that, won’t so and so enjoy this? What you seek is a cohesive fluid thoughtful feel that touches on the big picture and helps shape all the small details. Your new mantra will help you sift through the creative clutter and bring the most befitting ideas into forefront.

From your one word will come direction, from there a clearer journey and from there the most perfect ideas. Soon these ideas will merge into one perfectly unique theme that is perfect for you!

Decisions will be easier to make on the basic elements involved in a wedding: venue, food, guests and preparing wedding invitations. If your mantra is ‘simple’, booking the grand ballroom at the Four Seasons is not in keeping with your true self. Would it be fun and lavish? Of course! Would it be memorable? Yes, but not for the right reasons because in the long run it would not be authentic. And while this important day should be celebrated in style, it should always come back to you being you- your one word mantra.

The possible pitfalls to a true wedding theme range from trying to please everyone to trying to impress everyone. Both are equally problematic. But you must remember that these people who have loved and supported you will be gathering together to continue to love and support you on your first day together as a new couple. It is the day, in everyone’s eyes, for you’re authentic self to be in every detail. Your word, your theme, like your love should be- in a word- true.

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