Send Announcements and Thank You Notes Correctly

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You have both learned so much during the engagement and wedding planning process about proper etiquette that your heads are swimming in do’s and do nots. Here are a few more for the newlyweds.

The Announcements

Save the dates and wedding invitations tell a specific group of people about your marriage: mainly those who you wish to invite to the event and share in the joy. However, budgets usually prohibits inviting all your family and acquaintances. So how do you share the good news with the rest? Through announcements posted in the newspaper or sent in the mail.

Save The Date

Newspaper society pages may print a blurb about your upcoming nuptials and may add a submitted photo as well as long as they are given enough lead time and the proper forms are filled out. Make sure you check well in advance of the actual wedding date and fill out all the forms properly. If they do not add it in prior to the event they may do so just after the actual date. Either way, more people know that were not invited to the wedding. That usually means notes of congratulations and well wishes will start to arrive as well as possibly a few gifts. Keep the addresses and catalogue in a consistent manner who sent what. This will make the thank you notes easier to send out.

Announcements that are mailed must be written as a proper invitation. The rsvp information must be sent out immediately after the wedding announcement. They can be pre-addressed and sent by the best man and brides maid or by the parents of bride and groom. Business associates, acquaintances or friends and family who for whatever reason were not invited to the wedding are the only recipients of these types of announcements. They are not obligated to send gifts or cards but if they do, keep addresses and catalogue gifts.

Thank you notes

Probably the hardest part of the whole process for newlyweds is staying on top of the thank you notes. There are no shortcuts, no form letters, no substitutions for handwritten personalized thank you notes. In this technological age of social media and emails, the handwritten thank you note holds court and while the immediate thank you response is best, there is no time limit on when you can send a note. BOTH husband and wife should tackle this task. Keep the notes personal, sincere and make sure to mention the actual gift and where you intend to place or use it. These small notes will hint at the love and sophistication of your new marriage.

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