Vow Renewal Ideas and Common Questions

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A renewal of wedding vows is purely celebratory, and can sometimes be a smaller affair than a traditional wedding. This ceremony is conventionally held by older couples; however, a renewal of wedding vows is just a celebration of love between a married couple, and anyone of any age can do that.

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Why Should You Renew Your Vows?

Getting vows renewed is a much simpler process than getting married in the first place. In addition to fewer expectations around the event, the officiant does not need to be registered. A couple could choose anyone to officiate — even their child if they would like.

Common Reasons Couples Renew Their Vows

The most obvious, and likely the most common reason that people choose to renew their vows, is simply to show a reaffirmation of love (in addition to a great excuse for a party). However, couples may renew their vows for any purpose; some other popular reasons are the celebration of an anniversary, the reinvigoration of the relationship, or to heal issues between the couple. This event gives them an opportunity to celebrate one another and their love, this time with a greater understanding of each other, their love languages, and how they best operate as a unit

Do You Need A License to Renew Your Wedding Vows?

Due to the occasion not being of any legal significance, the ceremony itself does not require a license, and most chapels do not require a marriage license for vow renewals. The only matters that you really need to worry about are securing the venue, hiring any necessary staff, and purchasing any desired items, such as clothing or food.

Exchanging Rings During a Vow Renewal

Vow renewal ceremonies often mirror wedding ceremonies. As a result, an exchanging of rings is still a common aspect of the occasion. Some couples choose to use their original wedding bands, while others may choose to take the opportunity to upgrade their wedding rings. Retirees, especially, may want to retire their original wedding bands to put aside in a safe location for sentimental value

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Vow renewal ceremonies often mirror wedding ceremonies, but, as previously stated, they have far less social and cultural pressure behind them. You can do whatever you want for your ceremony — whatever combination of wedding traditions and other elements that you and your spouse choose. Some people may decide to forego wedding traditions entirely. In an age when even wedding traditions are becoming far looser, vow renewals have room to be even more avant-garde

Additionally, a common complaint about weddings is that they are often very stressful for the spouses-to-be. A vow renewal ceremony is a great option for having a similar celebration that is not nearly so frustrating — no need to worry about expensive event costs or pleasing guests and family.

Vow Renewal Ceremony Ideas

  • Keep it simple with family. Having a small gathering with the family will ultimately save on costs and can set the scene for a sentimental gathering
  • Keep it all for yourselves. It is about the two of you; no one else needs to be involved.
  • Celebrate the growth of your family. Expand the occasion to celebrate your children or others who are close to you in honor of how your love has grown.
  • Throw a simple party. Have a barn-burner with your friends. On the other side of the spectrum, maybe you just want to have a fun, small gathering with your spouse and guests. This is just as valid as a quaint ceremony.
  • Try a fun theme. Sometimes it can feel tacky to have a themed wedding, but a vow renewal is a perfect time to have Chewbacca officiate.

Vow Renewal Dos and Don’ts

Just as the options for a celebration are variable, so is the expected etiquette. However, if you would like to throw a more relaxed affair, there are a few good rules of thumb to follow:


  • Remember the reason for the occasion. This is about celebrating your relationship with your spouse. Ideally, this should be the central consideration in planning.
  • Focus on each other and enjoying the day. That is supposed to be the point of the original wedding, but that unfortunately often gets lost in the bustle of planning and perfection.
  • Consider emulating a few wedding traditions: bachelor/bachelorette party, exchanging of rings, speeches from loved ones, etc. Following these well-known traditions will likely strike a particular chord with the spouses and the attendees.
  • Make it whatever you want. Don’t forget that this actually is your (you and your spouse’s) day.


  • Don’t invite too many people. More people means more money, more planning, and more stress.
  • Less is more. Food and venues and such don’t need to be extravagant in order for you to have fun and celebrate your life together.
  • Don’t let anyone make decisions for you. Many couples get enough of that for a lifetime at their wedding.
  • Don’t sweat the little stuff. Focusing on the details can put a huge damper on any occasion.

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