Wedding Favors for the Wedding Party

So, the big day has arrived. Everything is going as planned. You are not only about to officially spend the rest of your life with that special person, but you’re about to receive a windfall of gifts from all of those you invited and even from some who could not make it. Gifts will undoubtedly be coming your way as has become tradition to help you and your loved one start out your life as a married couple. However, your big day is not just about receiving gifts for the bride and groom, it is also about giving some out.

Wedding Favors

The bride and groom are not obligated to give gifts to every single person invited. To do so, would be impractical and could lead you and your new bride or groom financially crippled – not a good way to start life as a married couple. Anyway, that is what the reception favor is for. But, your wedding party is a different story. Your wedding party is a special part of your big day comprised of both some of those most near and dear to you. Your wedding party deserves to be rewarded for all the preparations and commitments they made to help make your big day that much more special. In addition, it is customary to give a gift to each other’s parents and anyone else who has played a large role in your pre-wedding adventures.

As far as what types of gifts to give, anything from the heart is usually fine. If you do spend on gifts, make sure that you stay within budget. Remember, these gifts are simply tokens of your appreciation and affection to those special friends and family who took a part in making your day that much more special.

Some favorites for this type of gift tend to be personal, such as hand-made frames that you and your bride put together from trips to a crafts store and a little imagination. Another favorite is jewelry. For women, a simple, yet elegant necklace could do the trick or search a bridal website, and you can find some jewelry to match almost any style of dress. For guys, anything from a nice watch to cigars, tungsten rings and some fine liquors will show your appreciation.

No matter what you decide to get your wedding party or what your budget it is, ensure that the gifts are given with lots of love and sincere thanks for their support on making your wedding day flawless.

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Finding a Reputable Online Jeweler

As with any trend in almost every industry, the internet and e-commerce have become staples in our shopping experiences. Gone are the days when the only way to get a great deal was to wait hours in line, hoping to get a piece of the hot “black Friday” action. Granted, this has not gone away, but other forms of shopping have emerged that provide quality products and discounted pricing. With an increase in electronic retailers, or online retailers as they have been come to be known, consumers may be overwhelmed with the amount of options they now have.

Trusted Merchant

While you may have many options for shopping online, there are some aspects of online shopping that you may want to consider. You are not able to physical see who you are purchasing your items from, and if there would happen to be a problem with your purchase you would want to be able to resolve your issues quickly. Resolution of your issues should be as easy as if you were returning your product you purchased at your local store. This is especially true for shopping for life-long products, such as tungsten wedding bands. When purchasing a wedding ring online, you want to factor in product selection, brand names, frequency of styles being introduced, and customer service.

If you went to a physical jewelry store, one of the first things you would notice would be their selection. More reputable stores tend to have more selection. The same is true of online retailers. Chances are that if the selection is very limited, the “jewelry store” could be run out of someone’s basement. This is especially true if the company’s contact us section does not list a legitimate address. Moreover, you’ll want to look for their overall selection.

Commitment to the industry is a huge thing in online jewelry purchasing. If you have any issues down the road with your product, you do not want to purchase from someone who will be gone in a few months. You can usually spot this by seeing how often the site changes. Retailers who are not fully committed tend to not update their website very often. Most reputable online jewelry retailers tend to publish press releases a few times a year and update their blogs often.

The presence of designer name brands is another excellent indicator, as large manufacturers and wholesalers in the US have strict requirements that retailers wishing to carry their product must meet. Manufactures have no desire to be associated with retailers that may damage their stellar reputation. These types of stores carry manufacturer warranties with their product, meaning that even if the jeweler goes out of business, the ring is still covered. Others that do not carry manufacturer warranties can only back their product as long as they are in business, which could not necessarily be for when you need them.

When shopping online for jewelry, keep these tips in mind as they may be the difference between a pleasant shopping experience and a nightmare down the road. With these guidelines, feel free to shop at ease.

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