Bride’s Ultimate Checklist, what she needs for her Wedding Day

Your fiance proposed awhile ago and now the wedding planning has commenced. Slowly, but surely, some wedding planning has been completed. Now, you are inexplicable nervous with excitement for the big day, but still filled with nervousness that the big day will run into some problems. The wedding is just around corner. Before you get bogged down with all the festivity planning for before, during and after the wedding, it’s important to pack a bag with everything you may need for the day of the wedding.

Here is an essential list of things that can not only make your wedding day easier for you, but also easier for your maid of honor whom you may ask to help you.

Brides Checklist

1. Hairspray or gel – This will help keep your hair in place and looking perfect all day long. Just be sure to not choose something that is either greasy or too sticky.
2. Bobby-pins, ouch-less hair bands and/or an extra hair clip that matches with your dress. These items are essential for a quick hair fix and are small enough to not be noticed. It is essential not to forget to bring a brush, as it may come in handy as well!
3. Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Floss and/or whitening strips – on your big day, you want your smile to look its most amazing. If you somehow manage to eat something during your day, make sure to check your teeth afterwards! Pictures that can remind you of what you had to eat through your teeth, while comical to others, will not provide for the types of memories you may have envisioned.
4. Breath fresheners – preferably mints, but gum if no other alternative. Just make sure the gum doesn’t show up in your pictures.
5. Slippers for flip-flops – These are an absolute necessity for the reception! Many brides get extremely tired from wearing their special wedding day heels. Slippers or flip flops that match your dress are not only a cute accessory, but also a relaxing way to further enjoy your reception. Besides, with your long flowing dress, people may not even notice that you have made a switch!
6. Extra Buttons and Sewing Kits – in case of some wardrobe malfunction, you want to be prepared. Just make sure the emergency stash matches the dress. Don’t forget safety pins, as they too can come in handy.
7. Garters -be sure to have one to use for your leg and the other to throw out to the crowd!
8. Snacks – pack some crackers or carrots to feed your excitable stomach. Understandably, with the nerves and all, brides are usually too busy or simply too distracted to eat anything on their wedding day.
9. Cell-phones – this could be very necessary to track down any late bridesmaids or groomsmen, especially the ones who may have had a little too much fun at the rehearsal the night before.
10. Essential Documents – pack any receipts for vendors, checks, and extra cash in case you need it!
11. Change of clothes – it’s advisable to keep this near in case you want to plan a quiet exit or just want to change into something more comfortable for the rest of the day.
12. Vows – if you choose to write your own, it is recommended to write them on index cards for an easy reference.
13. Deodorant – your wedding day will be one of the most memorable for you and your friends and family; make sure it’s not memorable for some of those friends and family for your natural aroma!
14. Water – It’s important to stay hydrated, especially with all the talking and running around you’ll be doing throughout the day. Ending your night due to dehydration will not be the most memorable wedding day closure.
15. Make-up and mirror – always essential for any quick touch ups you may require through out the day, especially if any crying is involved!
16. Kleenex – Again, crying may be involved…these will help!
17. Nylon or Pantyhose – most say if you go this route, to use nylons or pantyhose in the shade that will match your dress.
18. Super-glue – an extra, nifty thing to have handy. You never know what can happen, especially with heels!
19. Tampons or pads – Hopefully, nothing like this occurs. But, it is better to prepared than to ruin your wedding day pictures with an unwanted surprise that creeps into the pictures.
20. First aid kit essentials – Aspirin, band-aids and or any last minute medication that may be needed.
21. Something different – be sure to include traditional add-ons. If a family heirloom is usually part of the bride’s attire, but does not quite match with the dress, you can always consider pinning it to the inside of your dress, if possible. That way, it is safe and still part of the wedding!
22. Eye drops and Lotion – it is going to be an extremely busy day and you may not have time for everything. Keep some lotion and eye drops handy in case you start to feel itchy – this could be a sign that your body needs some relief!
23. Nail polish and emery board – you may need this for any nail problems that may occur last minute, or if you want to add some extra polish.
24. Sunscreen – you’ll be out and about all day. You’ll want your sunburns to come from your tropical honeymoon, not the wedding day itself.
25. Tungsten Wedding Bands – no further explanation necessary!

All these items should be able to fit in a bridal bag, the size of a carry on luggage. This bag can be your best friend and therefore you should entrust it to one of your best friends (i.e. a bridesmaid or maid of honor).

Tungsten Jewelry

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Matching Engagement Rings with Your Wedding Band

When the engagement first happens, when the potential groom finally musters up the courage to ask the love of his life to be his forever, caution is thrown to the wind and the potential groom chooses a ring that is not only expensive, but impressive. It is the potential grooms perfect effort to secure his blushing bride. As if the planning of the wedding festivities themselves were not enough, there comes the issue of the wedding bands to add an extra dilemma: does the couple buy matching sets or should the couple choose another pricey ring for the bride and an inexpensive one for the groom.

Beveled Diamond Set 8mm Tungsten Wedding Ring with Gold inlay

This dilemma can be a tough situation for most couples. Many guys simply do not care what they are wearing as a wedding band. Something simple and durable is all that is truly required. While simplicity is key for these grooms, these grooms opt for a flashy marriage band for their future bride because her ring is something that she’ll wear and subtly and strategically make known to those in her purview. Other guys, however, choose the practical route for themselves and their bride-to-be: A nice band that will endure daily activities and still be fashionable. Then there are the other types of guys; the ones who want to match the flashiness of their bride’s ring. Their ring, too, is intended to catch the eye and illustrate to the world the marital status.

When it comes to this dilemma, women are a bit more sentimental. Some women wish to exhibit the unity associated with marriage, and therefore desire to purchase a matching ring set. Others prefer simple, yet elegant rings and will continue to wear their engagement ring with their marriage band. Others prefer, and may even demand, a wedding ring equipped with either half or full eternity diamonds. Many other ladies choose a simple band, because of their work environment or because they do not use jewelry as part of their usual style.

No matter the type of person you or your future spouse may be, the important part is that you come to a decision as to wedding bands together. When reaching this decision it is highly recommended that you browse through jewelry catalogs or, as is very common nowadays, browse through jewelry websites together. Find the styles that impress the both of you. Take note of not only what each other wants in a ring, but also factor in the lasting effects of those rings. One of you may want flashy and the other may want something a bit simpler; the important thing is to search for compromise.

It is important to take into account your budget. Traditionally, the groom is supposed to purchase the bride’s ring and vice versa. But, if it cannot work out that way, it’s important to search for a set that won’t break your overall budget. A simple way to stay within budget is to purchase the bride’s ring with a precious metal and the groom’s ring with an inexpensive metal that matches the bride’s in color. For example, you can “match” a white gold band for the bride with tungsten wedding bands for the groom. Both will look the same, but are different metals.

Tungsten Jewelry

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