Megan Schultz Biography

Before joining Tungsten Rings & Co., Megan Schultz fell in love with wedding planning at the age of fifteen when she was a candle lighter at her favorite aunts wedding. She began planning her own wedding shortly after the event. Unaware of whom her future groom would be Schultz planned the entire event down to every single detail including the wedding favors. Her love of weddings expanded professionally as she built her own successful wedding planning business in Del Mar, California. Schultz has worked with many clients all over the country including some famous celebrities.
Megan Schultz
While building her wedding planning business, Shultz fell in love with teaching about weddings. Schultz gained tremendous knowledge of the entire wedding process. She loves to explain her ideas to clients, make them understand the wedding process and support the bride to be during this stressful period.

Schultz enjoys listening to the residents of the Southern California area and all over the world to make their wedding fantasies a reality. "The smiles on their faces are what I look towards" explains Schultz. "Like a snowflake, no two weddings are ever the same, but they each follow the same basic principles." Schultz works hard to provide free consultations, easy to use checklists and forms to plan out the entire event to each and every detail. Schultz even has lists of affordable alternative wedding service providers for brides on a budget.

Schultz has helped hundreds of couples plan their perfect event both on a budget and at no expense. In 2011, Schultz became a staff writer for Tungsten Rings & Co. to bring her expertise in weddings to our clientele. She enjoys using our platform to teach all couples how to plan their dream wedding. Schultz is very knowledgeable and continues to use her experience all over the world.