Customer Testimonials
Testimonial by Freddy Beasley from ENGLEWOOD CO
Subject: The brilliance of the single diamond tungsten ring had her speec

The single diamond tungsten ring exceeded my expectations. What I saw at my local jewelry stores and this ring, there is no comparison. Tungsten Rings & Co., you have a customer for ever!

Testimonial by Moe Hunter from Los Angeles, CA
Subject: This is definitely the best jewelry purchase experience I've had

This is definitely the best jewelry purchase experience I've had! The website was intuitive and easy to navigate, the product was described in great detail, it arrived fast. What more do I need to say?

Testimonial by Nicole Baschuk from Pottstown PA
Subject: He couldn't have been more happy

He couldn't have been more happy, and I was over joyed too. The ring looked exactly like it did in the picture and the website was so helpful. I could have paid so much more and gotten so much less.

Testimonial by John Roth from ROCKVILLE MD
Subject: Her perfect wedding ring ...

My fiance is very happy with the wedding ring that means I am happy also. The diamond in the tungsten carbide ring is really sparkly and the setting is perfect. Thanks for the great service and the stunning tungsten wedding ring.

Testimonial by Tony Scofield from Houston TX
Subject: Tungsten Rings & Co. is second to nobody - great shopping experi

The whole shopping experience with Tungsten Rings & Co. could not have been any better. I had a good idea about what I wanted but wanted to email someone to confirm my decision. I had some emails back and forth with Tungsten Rings & Co.'s customer service and they helped me choose the perfect tungsten wedding band. Tungsten Rings & Co. brings tungsten wedding ring shopping to a whole new level with their expertise and advice without being pushy salesmen. I looked at other local jewelry stores and none of them could compete with Tungsten Rings & Co. on price, knowledge and selection.

Testimonial by Jamie Johnson from KALAMAZOO MI
Subject: Better than Cartier

Truly exquisite. I wanted a thin 4mm flat style ring. I looked at Cartier and Tiffany. I could the same thin at Tungsten Rings & Co. for $1,000 less. I am really glad I bought my wedding ring here. It's great.

Testimonial by Bob Babiarz from Saint Charles IL
Subject: Need diamonds to scratch this ring ... lol

Customer service was flawless. They were all very kind and helpful. Because of their knowledgeable customer service, I will continuous to do business with Tungsten Rings & Co. Again, thank you Tungsten Rings & Co.

Testimonial by Richard Grubb from Raleigh NC
Subject: The tungsten wedding band is perfect!

The tungsten wedding band is perfect. No smudges anywhere. The process was easy and painless. The free ring sizer on the website was extremely helpful. Thank you for the most awesome shopping experience.!

Testimonial by Robert Clayton
Subject: She hasn't seen the wedding ring yet, but she'll go nuts

Tungsten Rings & Co's customer service was incredible. I emailed them over 10 times to make sure I was making the right choice. I was looking to buy a tungsten carbide wedding band for 6 months and I am glad I made the decision to go with them considering the quality and price. I don't think you can find anyone else who offers the expertise and low price all in the same place. I have no affiliation to Tungsten Rings & Co. but this place made me feel comfortable spending my $$$. I just can't wait for her to see the ring. She's going to love it. :)

Testimonial by Kenny Shawler from Chicago IL
Subject: Thank you for making my anniversary special!

My wife just gave me Raleigh tungsten ring with platinum and diamond stones. I am really selective about jewelry and particularly, tungsten. I own a tungsten ring. It's a plain ring that is domed that my wife bought for me at the local jewelry store. I have been wanting an 8-stone wedding band with the platinum and when my wife gave me the okay, I started my research. I found exactly what I was looking for at Tungsten Rings & Co. The cost was less and the quality was superior to what I could find at my local jewelry store. If I had bought it from the same local store, it would have been a custom ring and it would have taken longer and I would run the risk of not being happy with the final product. Even though I was a little worried that the diamonds, platinum and tungsten would not live up to my expectations, there was no risk because Tungsten Rings & Co. has a great return policy. I didn't have to worry though, the ring was everything I wanted and hoped for. The diamonds are shiny and the platinum inlay is perfectly flush with the tungsten, no gaps between the metals. The delivery was lightning fast. I also got great customer service through the phone and emails that answered all my questions quickly and professionally. You guys got another satisfied customer and I won't hesitate to recommend Tungsten Rings a& Co. to others. Thanks for making my anniversary special.

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