Zack Mason Biography

Before joining Tungsten Rings & Co., Zack Mason has worked in the jewelry industry for several years. Mason performed work on engraving, resizing, and jewelry working for several types of precious metals such as gold, platinum and even alternative metals such as palladium. Prior to working in the jewelry industry, Mason was a staff reporter for a local newspaper where he developed and tuned his writing skills. There are few jewelers in the industry with this type of experience.
Zack Mason
Mason discovered his affinity towards tungsten in 2003 before the height of this metal's popularity. Working with tungsten and many customers, Mason has always enjoyed teaching his clientele about the strength, durability and beauty of tungsten carbide. Mason is proud, not only to be a professional jeweler and writer, to provide only the highest quality of tungsten carbide jewelry to the community and to convey his knowledge and experience with this amazing metal to the public.

Mason enjoys helping couples find the perfect ring for their special day and educating them about the wonders of tungsten. Mason takes great pride in explaining the capabilities of tungsten carbide. When not working with this metal, you can find Mason surfing in La Jolla, working on his cars and discovering new places to visit. You can also find Mason involved in several philanthropies and volunteering all over the San Diego area.

Located in San Diego, Mason spends most of his day helping couples find the perfect tungsten wedding bands.