Ceramic Information

Ceramic rings are made from an everlasting material that will always look as stunning as the first day you purchased it.

Why Ceramic?

Ceramic is a new type of jewelry material, not to be confused with industrial ceramic. With ceramic rings, they are highly scratch resistant. These are the perfect wedding bands for the active individual. The material is biocompatible and hypoallergenic which is ideal for individuals with sensitive skin who are prone to allergies.

Notable features about Black Ceramic:
- Jet black in color
- Highly scratch resistant
- Ultra light weight
- Rated 8 on MOHs scale
- Possesses an everlasting shine and color

Black ceramic wedding bands are produced as non metallic jewelry. Unlike black tungsten rings, black ceramic is pure black and will not reveal any other color if scratched. It is rated a 8 on the MOHs scale which makes it the most durable wedding band available, other than tungsten carbide. This is quite surprising to most people because black ceramic is also extremely light weight.

Caring for your Ceramic Ring

    To ensure your ring stays beautiful, please follow these tips to keep your black ceramic rings in good condition.

1. To clean use warm water and mild soap. Do not use harsh chemicals such as ammonia or bleach.
2. Although your ceramic band is highly scratch resistant, it may break when enough force is applied, such as striking it with a hammer.

Emergency Removal

Ceramic rings are very strong and standard jewelry cutters will not be able to cut them in an emergency. You must remove the band with a pair of standard vice grips. Simply insert the ring into the vice grips, tighten the vice grips until you hear a crack, give the ring a quarter turn and repeat until the ring has completely broken off. This entire process should take about 30 seconds and emergency personnel are equipped with these devices.