Fall 2016 Scholarship Winner Announced

Congratulations to Michelle Wray from Utah Valley University of Utah. She is the recipient of the Tungsten Rings & Co. Scholarship for the Fall of 2016. The Tungsten Rings & Co. Scholarship program is a needs based scholarship and is awarded to students enrolled in an accredited post-secondary academic institution. The scholarship is awarded bi-annually. If you applied for the scholarship and did not win, you may re-enter another submission for the Spring 2017 scholarship. If you have not yet applied, we are now taking applications for the Spring 2017 Tungsten Rings & Co. Scholarship.

Fall 2016

My favorite thing about jewelry is that it can make a statement. Some pieces are large and command attention while others are elegant and express class and grace. Jewelry can express mood and confidence. Jewelry can embody love and companionship. Jewelry can represent someone, something, or some time that is significant. It can remind us of who we were, who we are, and who we hope to become and where we hope to go. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” can be used to describe jewelry. Jewelry is worth a thousand words. The wonderful thing about jewelry is that there is such a variety is color, shape, size, and material. Each of those play a role in creating the statement about each individual piece of jewelry. Each piece of jewelry has its own story to tell; each piece of jewelry is unique. There may be two pieces made to look the same, by the same machine, in the same building, and by the same person, but their stories are different. They were not purchased, received, cared for, or worn the same way. They are different and beautiful in their own way.

My favorite thing about fashion is that it is ever changing. Through time there are different ways to express yourself through fashion. What is worn now is extremely different from what was worn two thousand years ago, two hundred years ago, even two years ago. But, also over space fashion is changing. What is worn on the United States East Coast is different from what is worn on the West Coast. What is worn throughout the entire United States is very different from what is worn in Korea, The United Kingdom, or India. Its constant change makes each time and area unique. Fashion embodies the idea of flexibility and resilience. Similar to jewelry, the vast variety of different colors, materials, and styles can be used to express oneself. Fashion allows one to also capture the spirit of fluidity.

My favorite thing about jewelry and fashion combine is each individual’s ability to mix and match them. There is no “right” answer. However you want to mix colors, patterns, materials, and styles you can. The combination of the two allows each person to display his or her own individuality. People can explore their own style and preferences. This demonstration opens people’s minds and hearts to new experiences, new ways of pairing things, and new creativity. An individual’s choice to combine jewelry and fashion allows them to express how they are feeling and what they are thinking on the inside openly on the outside. This outward expression can be used to dispose of stereotypes and support uniqueness as well as support community inclusion.

One of my favorite things about weddings is the bringing together of people. Weddings give old friends the opportunity to reconnect and reflect on their time together and also allows new friendships to be planted and grow. Often now, there are no “sides” or seating assignments. People are allowed to sit and interact with whoever they want. I love that weddings bring together so many people from different generations. Weddings are a combination of the couple’s friends and family, as well as their parents’ friends and family, and even their grandparents’ friends and family. And, the best thing about the combination of all the people, is that they all share one common interest. They have all collected together to support and celebrate the coming together and love of two people.

Another thing that I love about weddings is the unifying of two people that have a love for each other that is different from any other love. Everybody’s love is different. My love for my husband and our companionship is different from the love and companionship between my parents or that of William and Kate. Our story is different from everyone else’s. Our courtship was unique, our circumstances were special, our engagement was unparalleled, and our wedding reflected all of that. I am not saying that our love and relationship is better than anyone else’s; I am saying that our love and relationship is the exception. My parents are the exception; William and Kate are the exception. And, you are the exception. Weddings are everyone’s opportunity to witness a love between two people that is completely exceptional, un-comparable, and singular. And, being able to take a glimpse into a couple’s exceptional love at a wedding is one of the most beautiful things about weddings.

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DIY – How to make a small Wedding Favor Box

Now it’s time to get have some fun and create a do-it-yourself wedding favor! This particular favor is easy-peezy, lemon-squeezy and you can include some candied almonds, small chocolates or a small meaningful trinket as a gift to the guests. The following directions and photos are tailored to utilize an 8.5 inches by 4 inches piece of cardstock, to produce a medium-sized favor. The dimensions are easy to play with so you can make several different sizes. The photos also include the dimensions for a small box with the dimensions of 6 inches by 4 inches and a favor with a flap-closure. Choose the favor that would match-up with your needs, be it time or style preference.

(Photo 1)

Time to begin!

STEP 1 – (Photo 1) First, it is important to choose paper that will be thick enough to hold your sweet treats but will also be flexible enough to score and fold. Cardstock is a good type of paper for almost any crafts and come in an array of styles and colors. Consider choosing paper that will go with the theme of your wedding and compliment your color choices.Always make an example so that you can try out the steps on a sample paper and not use any of your actual paper.

STEP 2 – (Photo 2) Grab your handy scoring board and scorer, and position your sample 8 ½ by 4inch cardstock horizontally. Score at these intervals:

3.75 inches
4.75 inches

If you are using the 6 by 4 inches, position the paper horizontally and score at these intervals:

2.5 inches
3.5 inches

(Photo 2)

{Photo 2 – The paper on the left is the 8 ½ by 4 inches paper (L) while the right is the 6 by 4 inches paper (R).

STEP 3 – (Photo 3)Flip the 8 ½ by 4inch paper over and position it vertically. Score at these intervals:
1 inch
3 inch

(Photo 3)

{Photo 3 – Position R vertically and score at 1 and 3 inch marks}

STEP 4 – (Photo 4) Place the paper horizontally and fold the top scored edge down. Do the same with the scored bottom edge but fold up.

(Photo 5)

{Photo 5 – In the photo above, B is labeling the 2 scored sections within the paper. A is the section scored in the STEP 2}

(Photo 6)

STEP 5 – (Photo 6) Fold section A to section B. Do this to all sides.

{Photo 6 – Follow the directions of the arrow.}

(Photo 7)

STEP 6 – (Photo 7) Fold corner A towards corner B, creating a diagonal line.

{Photo 7 – Fold corner A towards corner B, creating a diagonal line.}

(Photo 8)

STEP 7 – (Photo 8) As you fold the corner A to corner B it will make a boxed corner

STEP 8 – (Photo 9) Do STEP 7 to the other side.

(Photo 9)

STEP 9 – (Photo 10 and 11) Photo 10 illustrates that ‘X’ is where a glue-stick can be applied. The red diagonallines show where you do not have to apply the glue.

(Photo 10)

(Photo 11)
{Photo 11 – Black ‘X’ for glue, Red diagonal lines for no glue.}

(Photo 12)
{Photo 12- Marked areas for size 6 by 4 inch paper.}

(Photo 13)
{Photo 13 – Marked areas for size 8 ½ by 4 inch paper.}

STEP 13 – (Photo 14) Turn the paper over and fold in towards the center of the paper.

(Photo 14)

STEP 14 – (Photo 15) Lift up the sides of the favor to close. The center of the favor should form the bottom of the box.

(Photo 15)

STEP 15 – (Photo 16) Close the favor up and clip with a small wooden clothespin for a 10 minutes. This will ensure that the favor will stay closed.

(Photo 16 – Close and embellish!)

STEP 16 – (Photo 17) Have fun decorating the favors using a variety of beads, charms, brads and/or ribbon! If you plan to use an adhesive for decorating the favors, choose one that will not have the object coming off at a later time. Some good choices include red tape and glue dots. Use E-6000 for heavier objects.

(Photo 17 – Embellished favors. A nice variety of ideas to choose from!)

Finished favors with the paper size 6 inches by 4 inches are pictured in Photos 18 and 19. These are closed by punching a hole in the center of the top flaps and beautified by threading a colorful ribbon to help close them up!

(Photo 18 – To close these smaller guys up, you could use a solid color or sheer ribbon, raffia or twine.)

{Photo 19 – This is a side view of the depth of the favor box. Just enough room for some tasty goodies!}

{Photo 20 – This is the favor with a flap-closure. VERY simple and fun!}

To make the favor at a larger size with the above flap-closure, change the size of the paper to 12 inches by 5 inches.

{Photo 21 – Flap-closure scoring marks.}

Score the paper horizontally at these intervals (Like STEP 2):
1.25 inches
3.75 inches

Flip the paper vertically and score at the intervals (Like STEP 3):
5.25 inches
6.5 inches

Then follow the other steps as shown above. Embellish and give to guests with a happy smile!!

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