Cobalt FAQ

Cobalt Rings Frequently Asked Questions

Can you engrave cobalt chrome rings?
Yes - We offer laser engraving services for up to 30 characters for $30 to engrave your cobalt wedding bands. Traditional engraving is also available upon request. We suggest laser engraving because it offers a bolder appearance on the ring.

In the event of an emergency, can you remove a cobalt ring?
Yes - standard ring cutters may clip a cobalt chrome ring right off of your finger. We offer a free lifetime warranty to replace your ring in this event.

How do I clean my cobalt chrome band?
You may use warm water and gentle soap to clean your cobalt chrome band. You may soak your cobalt band for half an hour or an hour to loosen any dirt that may have caked into any grooves. Special care must be taken for any ring with a precious metal inlay, specifically sterling silver, as chlorine may tarnish precious metals. Do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia to cleanse your ring.

Will I ever need to re-plate my cobalt chrome band?
No - cobalt chrome is a white metal. White gold contains a rhodium plating that must be maintained. Cobalt chrome does not require re-plating and is maintenance free.

I am allergic to most jewelry, can I wear cobalt chrome?
Yes - cobalt chrome is considered biocompatible and inert. This metal is completely hypoallergenic and should not cause and skin irritations. It is commonly used in medical implants, such as hip and knee replacements, because it is so biocompatible.

How does cobalt chrome compare with tungsten and titanium?
In terms of scratch resistance, both tungsten carbide and cobalt chrome are highly durable and scratch resistant. In terms of weight, tungsten is the heaviest; titanium is highly light weight whereas cobalt lands in the middle with a weight similar to gold. In terms of color, cobalt chrome is very different. Tungsten and titanium are gun metal gray whereas cobalt chrome is a white metal like white gold and platinum.

Will cobalt chrome bands tarnish, fade or rust?
No - cobalt chrome is inert and will not tarnish, fade or rust. This allows it to be hypoallergenic and maintenance free.

How strong is cobalt chrome?
On the MOHs scale for hardness, it is rated as a 7. This allows the metal to be highly durable and scratch resistant. You cobalt chrome rings will not shatter, crack or chip as well.

Can cobalt chrome wedding bands be resized?
Yes - most jewelers can not resize cobalt chrome rings. We offer a free lifetime sizing policy so if you need a new size, please let us know and we shall take care of it for you.