Cobalt Free Tungsten Rings

When searching for your ideal wedding band or simply a fashionable addition to your wardrobe, it is very likely you will come across tungsten rings. While you may not be completely aware of tungsten wedding bands, it is possible you have seen them. Tungsten carbide rings may look like your normal silver or platinum bands. However, tungsten rings differ in many ways.  Most notable is that tungsten wedding bands will maintain its beautifully polished look for the duration of the ring's lifetime. Also, it is virtually impossible to scratch a tungsten ring as it is one of the hardest and therefore strongest substances known.

Because of their durability and look, tungsten carbide rings are quickly becoming a staple in jewelry stores throughout the world. However, not all tungsten rings are created equal. While tungsten wedding bands in general share in the good fortune of being extremely durable and maintaining its lustrous polish, while at the same time being an eye catching, envy inducing accessory, not all tungsten carbide rings are created equal. During your journey of searching for the right tungsten ring you may come across countless different styles and makes of your ring. Most notably, you may come across tungsten rings that contain cobalt and others that do not.

While upon first glance the difference between a ring containing cobalt and one that does may not seem too clear, as both will look fantastic. But, after some time you will know the errors of your ways. Tungsten rings containing cobalt, while looking great at first, will begin to lose their charm. The alloy containing cobalt is not difficult to come by and is for that reason finding its way into more and more tungsten rings being sold. The problem is that tungsten wedding bands containing cobalt develop negative reactions to skin, which after a short time will result in oxidation spots on the ring. Unfortunately, oxidation spots cannot be removed or polished. Jewelers selling these types of rings are often easy to spot as they do not tend to offer a lifetime guarantee on your ring. The reason: those jewelers know those rings will not last. In addition, tungsten rings containing cobalt could cause allergic reactions to the skin, leaving you not only with a green finger, but green with envy at those who chose a tungsten carbide ring that did not contain cobalt.

At Tungsten & Co, you can rest assured that our tungsten carbide rings do not contain cobalt. With Tungsten & Co., not only will your ring finger not turn green and your once beautiful tungsten ring not be tarnished, you will also have the peace of mind that comes with a free lifetime guarantee.