Cobalt Information

Imagine purchasing a wedding band that perfectly matches the color of your white gold or platinum jewelry at a fraction of the price.

Cobalt chrome is the newest metal to appear in the jewelry market. This metal contains a mixture of cobalt and chromium, hence the name cobalt chrome. It boasts the same color as white gold and platinum at a fraction of the price.

Why Cobalt Chrome?

Cobalt chrome rings are considered the perfect middle between titanium and tungsten rings. They are highly scratch resistant like tungsten. They are rated 7 on the MOHs hardness scale, more durable than titanium, palladium, platinum, gold or silver but not as hard as tungsten. Like titanium, cobalt rings will not chip, shatter or break. The weight of cobalt chrome is similar to gold, lighter than tungsten and heavier than titanium. The superior benefit to these rings are in color, they are considered white colored just like white gold or platinum.

Notable features about cobalt chrome:
- White in color like platinum and white gold
- Highly scratch resistant
- Hypoallergenic
- Will not shatter, chip or break
- Priced very competitively

Medical Uses of Cobalt Chrome

    Since cobalt chrome is considered bio-compatible, it is currently used in implants for patients such as hip, knee and others. It is commonly used in implant that can stay in place for many years. Since it does not contain any alloys, the possibility for an allergic reaction is slim.

Everlasting Color

Cobalt chrome is described as a white metal, similar to white gold and platinum. This is unlike tungsten and titanium, they are described as gun metal gray and will not match the color of white gold or platinum. White gold requires a rhodium plating to maintain its color. Fortunately, cobalt chrome does not require regular maintenance to maintain its color.

High Durability

Cobalt chrome rings are highly durable and scratch resistant. They are also resilient in a manner where they cannot shatter, crack or chip.

Caring for your Cobalt Ring

    To ensure your cobalt chrome band stays looking as amazing as the day you first purchased it, here are some tips to caring for it.

1. To clean your cobalt chrome ring, you may use gentle soap and warm water. Do not use harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia.
2. Do not intentionally strike your ring with a hammer or blunt object. When enough force is applied to your ring, the ring will bend and warp.

Emergency Removal

    In the event of an emergency, standard ring cutters may clip a cobalt chrome ring from your fingers. There is no need for hesitation as our free lifetime warranty will replace your ring in this event.