Free Ring Sizer

 We want you to have a ring that fits perfectly all the time. If you are unsure about your ring size, we can send you a FREE Ring Sizer.

Your finger size varies throughout the day. When you wake up in the morning, your finger may have swollen during the night, will shrink almost half a size in the cold and will expand when the weather is warm or after some activity. It is best to measure your finger at room temperature during the day. At this time, you will want the ring to fit perfectly.

Comfort Fit Vs Standard Fit

Our tungsten rings are comfort fit. This means that the ring is rounded on the inside where it touches your skin. This allows the ring to slide on and off your finger more easily. This also means that there is less surface area touching your skin and it will make the ring feel looser. Standard fit means the ring is the same size all the way through the inside of the ring. When using our ring sizer, you may find that there are 2 or 3 sizes that fit on your finger. Choose the size that fits most correctly without feeling loose.

Free Lifetime Sizing

Tungsten carbide is one of the hardest metals on the planet. Once they are forged, they cannot be resized. Fortunately, we offer a Free Lifetime Sizing program. After you have purchased one of our tungsten wedding bands, save a copy of your invoice as a reference. Should your finger size change, simply contact us and we will exchange the ring to the proper size free of charge.


FREE Ring Sizer (US & International Customers): Request a free ring sizer here: (Your information is considered private. We do not sell, distribute, or share your information with ANYONE!)

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