Titanium FAQ

Titanium Rings Frequently Asked Questions

How strong are titanium rings?
Titanium is very strong. On the MOHs scale for hardness, titanium measures to a 6 on this scale. With everyday wear, your ring will retain its shape. This is quite surprising to most people because titanium boasts low density. This means the ring is incredibly light weight yet highly durable.

Can you remove a titanium band in an emergency?
Yes - in the event of an emergency, standard ring cutters can cut a titanium ring right off of your finger. For additional information, please see our Titanium Rings Information page.

How do I care for titanium?
Titanium rings may be cleaned with warm water and gentle soap. Special care must be given to rings with silver, gold or any other precious metal inlays because chlorine and other harsh chemicals may tarnish silver and other precious metals.

Can I wear my titanium wedding ring if I have allergies?
Yes - Titanium is often described as bio-campatible and many hospitals use titanium as surgical equipment, implants (such as hip replacement), crutches and wheelchairs. It should not irritate your skin.

Are there different purities of titanium?
Yes - Purity is measured on a CP (commercially pure) scale. The most common grades are 1 (softest) - 4 (hardest). The oxygen quantity determines the measurement on the scale. The ideal jewelry grade level is 2 because it provides the perfect an excellent level of durability with workability.

Will titanium corrode, rust or tarnish with some time?
No - Titanium is chemically inert. Your ring will never corrode, rust or tarnish.

How do we refinish titanium wedding rings?
In normal wear, titanium wedding bands may develop superficial scratches. These rings may be re-polished. We offer re-polishing services for your titanium rings for a $20 fee. For re-polishing services on your titanium ring, please contact us.

Can you engrave a titanium wedding band?
Yes - Titanium rings may be engraved using standard engraving tools or laser engraving. We typically laser engrave titanium rings, however; we offer traditional engraving upon request.

Can titanium rings be re-sized?
Yes - Titanium rings may be resized by most jewelers, however; we offer free lifetime re-sizing so if you need a different size, please let us know and we can take care of it for you.