Planning a Memorable Micro Wedding

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Some people dream of large weddings packed with guests, but that’s not for everyone. Other couples would prefer to have a smaller affair with a few close friends and intimate family members. If this is your dream, you don’t have to elope or schedule a courthouse appointment. Instead, you can plan a micro wedding.

A micro wedding has many of the elements of a traditional event, just on a smaller scale. Learn more about this option and how to plan one to see if it’s a good fit for you.

A small group of friends celebrating the newlywed couple at a micro wedding.

What Is a Micro Wedding?

Generally, a ceremony and reception with fewer than 50 guests is considered a micro wedding. Some venues even cap their micro weddings at 20 guests if they have a limited amount of space. Couples plan micro weddings if they don’t want to handle extensive guest lists or don’t have large budgets. These weddings are more intimate because the couple can spend more time with the people they are closest to.

Even though a micro wedding is small, it still requires proper planning. However, you might be able to find a staff member at your venue or an event coordinator who takes on the stress of wedding planning for you.

Why Choose a Micro Wedding?

Couples choose micro weddings for a variety of reasons. Here are a few key benefits of moving forward with this option.

  • Cost: Micro weddings are more affordable because you will provide food and drinks for fewer people. You can also rent a smaller venue.
  • Guest list: You don’t have to invite distant relatives, co-workers, and all of your friends. Instead, you and your partner can invite the people you are closest to.
  • Simplicity: It’s easier to accommodate less than 50 people instead of 100 or more.
  • Travel opportunities: A destination wedding is easier to plan when you’re inviting fewer people. You also might have a larger travel budget to work with.
  • Fun: When you aren’t worried about the logistics of planning a wedding, you can enjoy the process and relax on your big date.

Too often, couples spend their wedding day trying to accommodate guests and solve problems. A micro wedding is less stressful and allows the newlyweds to celebrate with everyone.

How Much Does a Micro Wedding Cost?

The average wedding costs around $33,000 in 2024. Some couples throw extravagant affairs for much more while others put together affordable nuptials at a much lower price. The same can be said about your micro wedding. You can put together an event at a local venue for a reasonable price or wisk your loved ones to Europe and exchange vows in France with a honeymoon in Spain. The wedding cost will fluctuate based on your desires and goals.

Work with your partner to set a reasonable wedding budget that factors in elements like venue rental, food, drinks, and decorations. Some venues will create package deals that include multiple elements for you, while others will expect you to handle your own catering and decor.

You will also want to budget for the dress, suit, and wedding bands. Find rings that reflect who you are as a couple just like your venue and wedding ceremony.

Choosing the Right Intimate Wedding Venue

Micro weddings allow you to get creative with where you get married. You might discover that there are more venue options to choose from once you only need to accommodate a handful of people.

In Washington state, you can get married in a treehouse high up in the forest. In Colorado, you could have your wedding at the very top of a mountain. In the Florida Keys, you can get married on a catamaran with views of the tropical paradise around you. Tell your guests to bring their swimsuits.

Choose a wedding venue that can fit your entire guest list and also matches your personality. Decide whether you’ll have the ceremony and reception at the same place or if you would like separate venues for each event. Also, keep timing in mind. Some venues only set aside a few hours for micro weddings, so you might need to plan an after-party at another location.

Unique Themes for Your Micro Wedding

Just because you are throwing a micro wedding doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun theme. Brainstorm these based on the venue, your interests as a couple, and your favorite memories. For example, if you are planning a December wedding, you can embrace a holiday theme.

Talk to your venue and wedding coordinator (if you have one) about your theme ideas.

Creative Decor Ideas for Small Weddings

Small details can make a big impact in a micro wedding, which is why decorations and theming are so important. Talk to your venue about their decorations and decide if you want to add to your options. You can make DIY centerpieces, create a unique guestbook, or put together personalized favors for each attendee.

Make sure you’re aware of any limitations the venue has on decorations when you start the planning process. Some venues won’t allow candles because the open flames are fire hazards. Others won’t allow balloon releases because of their environmental impact. Knowing what you can and can’t do will help you plan.

The Guest List: Who To Invite to Your Micro Wedding

The guest list is one of the best and worst parts of a micro wedding. It’s refreshing to keep the list small so you don’t have to invite distant relatives and coworkers, but it can also be stressful to build your wedding party and narrow the attendees to stay within your venue’s limitations.

One solution is to create a list of essential guests and optional ones. Think about how to seat your wedding guests and if the venue can accommodate all of your essential people. If so, then you can add more to the invitation list. It’s OK to explain to your friends and family that you are having a micro wedding. They’ll understand.

Hiring the Right Vendors for Your Micro Wedding

Talk to your venue about catering, music, and other vendors. They might have built-in options you can use or recommendations to look into. A micro wedding also lets you get creative with your vendors. Your favorite restaurant might not be able to accommodate catering for 150 people, but a 30-person micro wedding is doable.

Creating a Timeline for Your Wedding Day

Regardless of your wedding size, you need a clear timeline for the day. Along with planning the ceremony and reception, create a schedule for your hair and makeup — and the hair and makeup of your wedding party if you have one. Know where everyone will be before, during, and after the event.

When you schedule the actual reception, don’t overpack the event with activities, speeches, and games. Set aside downtime so you can spend time with your guests. A micro wedding will allow you to have more authentic interactions with everyone there.

A micro wedding is a great alternative to a large ceremony, but it still requires planning. Keep these elements in mind as you design yours.

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