New Trends in Women’s Tungsten Rings

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In the jewelry industry, tungsten rings have long since been popular in rings geared towards men. Recently, however, tungsten rings have become popular among many new women’s ring styles. The reasons for the rise in popularity are numerous. One reason is that because it does not tarnish, tungsten metal is far easier to care for than sterling silver. Also, tungsten is far more affordable than other popular ring metals, such as platinum, gold, silver, titanium and stainless steel. These, among many other benefits, have women looking to tungsten options when searching for jewelry to accentuate their style without depleting their finances.

Womens Tungsten Rings

Below are recent popular trends in tungsten women’s ring styles:

Buckles: These are rings with an interesting design that seem to buckle around your finger. In tungsten, these rings are also very shiny which is a very popular feature in jewelry is. Because tungsten is affordable, thick, bulky rings are not as expensive as they would be in other metals. In addition, these buckle style rings go extremely well with many outfits, from jeans to suits and dresses, depending on the polish style of your buckle ring.

Wood Grain: wooden rings are very stylish, but they are obviously not very durable, in comparison to metal rings. Tungsten rings with a wood grain design can give you a wonderful, stylish look in a more durable package.

Wood Inlay Rings

Intertwined rope: this type of tungsten ring offers the unique style and comfort associated with this intertwined look. It is not only extremely fashionable and affordable, but can also be a very elegant choice.

Round Hand Woven Platinum Rope Inlaid Tungsten Carbide Ring

Celtic: this style of ring has been an extremely popular wedding band for countless years. It has a simple, classy look and tends to make a strong fashion statement. In tungsten, they tend to look more masculine than they would in gold or sterling silver. The more masculine look of a tungsten Celtic ring gives it a very casual look, which goes well with an array of outfits.

Celtic Tungsten Rings

Diamond bands: Many people enjoy the look of diamond rings but do not want to spend the amount typically associated just for a casually used, fashionable accessory. These tungsten rings inlaid with rows of diamonds add subtle sparkle to your beautiful ring without breaking the bank. You can even find similar style tungsten rings with cubic zirconia if you want to save even more while remaining fashionable.

Yellow Diamond Solitaire Domed Tungsten Carbide Band

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