Common questions about Men’s Wedding Bands

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You have recently become engaged and both you and your bride to be are planning the wedding. Your fiancée will most likely perform most of the shopping and the few items you will need to worry about is the tux and your wedding ring. With all of the options available today, how do you choose the right wedding band for you? The answer is quite simple when you understand what type of ring you want. Bear in mind the following items when choosing a wedding band for you.

Men's Wedding Ring

Frequently asked questions about Men’s Wedding Bands

What metal should I choose? There are so many different choices in metals today and the traditional metal, gold, does not need the be the required wedding ring metal to wear anymore. Tungsten has become extremely popular today. Tungsten carbide features extreme durability and scratch resistance. Tungsten also comes in several colors from jet black to white tungsten to match your fiancée’s white gold or platinum ring. Cobalt rings have almost become as popular as tungsten boasting high scratch resistance while possessing the same color as platinum or white gold. Ceramic rings boast a high scratch resistance, similar to tungsten carbide, with a light weight feel. Finally, titanium wedding bands feature high durability while their light weight features make the ring almost un-noticeable during wear. Do not feel obligated to wear a traditional gold band when modern metals are available.

How do you choose the right shape? There are many shapes available to consumers today. The traditional rounded/domed style is the most popular shape. If you are worried about ease of wear, be sure to obtain a ring with a comfort fit interior. A comfort fit interior means the rings are rounded on the inside of the ring which minimizes the surface area touching your skin. For a unique look, consider a beveled style band. This ring takes the traditional flat/pipe cut ring and slight bevels are added to the edges to give the center a more pronounced look.

Can my wedding ring be unique? You do not need to stay with tradition. A wedding band is not only a symbol of love between you and your bride to be. Your wedding ring is also an expression of you and how you want the world to see you. Classic styles in tungsten carbide exude a sense of power and tradition. When you add and precious metal inlay to the ring, you are adding a sense of luxury. You may even inlay the band with a wood grain inlay to provide a sense of exotic style. You will be wearing this ring every day, choose a ring that will make you happy.

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