Preparing Your Perfect Invitations

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You have purchased your tungsten wedding bands, the guest list is ready and now it is time to send out your invitations. Now you must decide what your invitations should actually say. In this article, I will provide you with four situations and the proper alterations for each scenario. These will be the starting points for preparing your perfect invitations.

Wedding Invite 1

Scenario 1, the bride’s parents are hosting the wedding. It is always appropriate to list the bride’s parents at the top starting with the bride’s mother. You may insert the bride’s mother’s last name if it is different from your father’s.

What if …
… the grooms parents are hosting as well? You will need to add the word “and” in line 2 and the names of the groom’s parents into line 3. You must then change the word “daughter” to “children”.
… the reception is at a different venue than the wedding vows? The details of the reception should be included on a separate card. If you would like to include the reception details into the invitation, you may add them to the bottom left hand corner.

Wedding Invite 2

Scenario 2, the bride’s parents are divorced. If they are co-hosting your wedding, you must place the bride’s mother and father on separate lines with the mother’s name first.

What if …
… you would like to include your step parent? You must add their name to the corresponding line of their spouse with the woman’s name first.
… you have a formal dress code? Notify your guests about the formal dress code on the bottom right hand corner of the invitation.

Wedding Invite 3

Scenario 3, the bride and groom are hosting their own wedding. Your full names should be at the invitations with the bride’s name first.

What if …
… you do not like your middle name? Then drop it from the invitation. Your middle name is completely optional.
… you want to mention your parents in the invitation? You must add “Together with their families” above the name of the groom and the bride.

Wedding Invite 4

Scenario 4, let’s forget about tradition and have something casual. It’s time to be creative. As long as you include the essential information your guests need (such as who, what, when and where) then you do not have to follow any particular style. You may use numbers as opposed to spelling them out. There is no need to follow the rules if that is not something you want

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